UAV 365 approach each project with a focus on our client.

Our Approach

Accurate data gathering is a critical element of business success. Our goal is to deliver data that is useful and easy to interpret.

We work with you as a problem solver, forming an extension of your team to bring you the answers you need in a useful format.

At the end of a project, we will give you a document package that is accurate, useful and board-room ready. We intend to reduce your workload through our survey or inspection work, and also reduce your workload at the desk.

Returning the information you need to create plans or make decisions is a successful result for us.

Huge unorganised data dumps aren’t useful to anyone. That’s why we take the time to streamline our material, giving you only the outputs you need. We also work with you to present our material with an awareness of any resource bottlenecks. Low internet bandwidth or reduced computing power are common examples, especially if you are working from a site office. Our team will work around these bottlenecks to improve your productivity.

Our Mission

The UAV 365 mission is propelled by three targets.


We work in the safest way possible for every stakeholder on every flight. Thorough preparation and understanding of risk eliminates all but the most unpredictable safety concerns from a task. Our fully qualified pilots regularly maintain their training and update their knowledge.


Our aim is to get the job right first time through careful planning and a detailed knowledge of our clients requirements. Before each flight we will ensure we have fully understood your requirements.


Energy, time and capital are all precious resources and we strive to be as efficient as possible with them. Our team are determined to save you and your colleagues time and capital. Engaging UAV 365 on a project is an excellent way to minimise the carbon footprint of inspection or surveying activities, as our operations are close to zero carbon.

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