UAV 365 deliver inspection grade results with survey grade accuracy

High accuracy surveying & inspection

Our team deliver high quality, useful data to inform your decision making, project planning and progress reporting.

Data you can build on

We are committed to providing you with the data you need in a format you can use. Our team will establish your IT resources and ensure our media can be easily accessed and interpreted, whether you are on a remote worksite or in a Virtual Reality suite.

Problem solving

Our pilots can provide data without interpretation, or examine your site with a particular problem in mind.

Responsive service

UAV 365 is an agile company with a mobile team who are able to work anywhere.

Our team can travel quickly and cost effectively to locations across the UK, using electric vehicles to minimise our operational carbon footprint and costs.

After a flight our pilots can process and analyse gathered data on-site to provide a summarised result for your project.

Further in depth analysis can be carried out off-site on our dedicated render farm. Any further analysis is based on the level of detail required by the project scope.

We approach every project as a unique mission – learn more about our approach here

Full service offering

UAV 365 caters for projects located in internal or external environments

Cost effective solutions

Low operational costs allow us to provide our clients with a cost effective service

Mobile service

UK Wide Coverage. Based in Central Scotland

Client first approach

Each project we embark upon is treated uniquely. Client requirements and deliverables are established and clearly understood at project start.

At project end, we will present you with a document package that is accurate, useful and board-room ready.

Our aim is to reduce your workload. We do this on site using efficient survey and inspection techniques, and at the desk by providing high quality data and reports.

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Why Choose UAV 365?

A client first service with a safety first approach.
Cost effective services with high quality presentation.
A low carbon company.

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