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3D Model Project: Historic bridge survey by drone

Falkirk, Scotland
Walkers Bridge

Flight Goals:

  • Survey the structure in high resolution
  • Create a 3D mesh model using photogrammetry
  • Ensure millimetre accurate scale on 3D outputs

Key elements of project:

  • Provide a 3D output with millimetre accuracy to allow remote measurements
  • Gather high resolution imagery of the structure to allow remote asset inspection

To support the asset management team at Scottish Canals UAV 365 developed a solution for remote asset inspection and monitoring. This required a visit to the asset to capture high resolution imagery, which was then processed into a high detail 3D model. The model can be explored via the link below.

The model was scaled using on site constraints to allow for millimetre accurate measurements via the cloud based viewer. The key advantage of the cloud based viewer is the low IT resource requirement. All that is needed is a good internet connection and web enabled device.

Managing assets with this method allows efficiencies in time and energy between stakeholders. For example, an issue can be identified, shared and status tracked remotely, all without the requirement to visit site. This reduces carbon emissions and saves valuable team time.

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Project Details


High resolution inspection

Key Data
  • GSD <1cm/pixel
  • 526 images collected
  • Ground & aerial photography
  • 3 Ground control points
  • Flight Height – 50cm – 8m

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