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Volumetric Aerial Survey

Various Locations
Perth & Kinross Council

Flight goals:

  • Survey the proposed sites using a volumetric flight plan
  • Capture an aerial image of each site
  • Calculate and return volume information for each site

Key area of interest

  • Volumetric cut and fill analysis of salt stockpiles across Perth & Kinross Council.
  • Aerial image showing site overview

UAV 365 were called to survey nine salt storage sites across Perth & Kinross Council. Two of these sites were salt storage domes, which required use of an internal inspection drone. For more information on that element of the project, TAP HERE.

The remaining seven sites were open storage areas spread across the Perth & Kinross Council area, strategically located to service roads throughout the district.

Rapid turnaround of the survey was important to the client in order to capture the most accurate record of the total stockpile. With winter gritting operations ongoing throughout the survey window, the opportunity for stockpile changes had to be kept to a minimum.

UAV 365 designed a survey schedule to enable all nine sites to be flown inside of two days. Using carefully designed flight plans the overall time in the air was kept to a minimum, while still delivering high quality photogrammetry data.

During the second day of aerial operations the visual data from the first day was processed, using our in-house render farm.

Through careful planning of resources, the surveys were completed and the salt stockpile volumes were returned to the client within three days.

With higher accuracy, increased safety and a 60% reduction in survey time compared with traditional ground based methods, this aerial survey method is ideal for stockpile monitoring.

Project Details


Volumetric aerial survey to monitor salt stockpiles

Project Gallery

a salt stockpile in Blair Atholl, Scotland
volumetric measurement of a salt stockpile in Kinross, Scotland
a 3D model of a marine salt stockpile

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