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Stockpile Surveying

Collace Quarry

Flight Goals:

  • Survey the proposed site.
  • Create a 3D model using photogrammetry
  • Calculate and present stockpile quantities to site manager
  • Create a 2D orthomosaic of the site
  • Capture aerial photographs for promotional
    purposes & to identify factors outwith the constraints of the model

Key Areas of Interest:

  • Stockpiles within quarry confines
  • Significant changes in elevation across the site

Without impacting normal daily operations in the quarry, UAV 365 deployed on site, assessed, surveyed and photographed the full area. The team concluded activities and were present on site for less than 3 hours. The 40 acre site was surveyed in high resolution using a volumetric flight plan, and crucially for the site operators there was no requirement for the UAV 365 team to interact with plant and machinery on the quarry floor, increasing the safety of the operation.

The geolocated images gathered on site were processed to generate a 3D mesh, a point cloud, a digital surface model, contour maps and an orthomosaic.

The UAV 365 team calculated the various stockpile volumes on site, and these were provided to the client with a report to accompany the above data.

Our client can use this data for site planning, auditing, project planning, and taking remote measurements. A particularly useful asset within the data set is the orthomosaic image, which allows accurate scale measurements and also provides an extremely high resolution image for inspection purposes.

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Volumetric Aerial Survey and Photography of Active Quarry Site

Project Gallery

Aerial stockpile survey at a quarry in Scotland
Aerial stockpile and topographic survey of a quarry in Scotland
Stockpile and topographic aerial survey in a quarry in Scotland

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