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Donaldson’s School: Aerial Inspection

Edinburgh, Scotland
Historic Building Survey

Flight Goals:

  • Survey the building to capture as-built information on upper structure
  • Create a 3D model using drone based photogrammetry
  • Create orthomosaic 2D images of the building
  • Host the 3D model as a record and resource for the residents of the building

Key elements of project:

  • Congested area flight in Edinburgh city centre
  • Use of photogrammetry via two drone platforms to maximise captured detail

Our clients can use this data to maintain a detailed record of the building condition, and in due course for maintenance planning. By combining the 3D model and the orthomosaic images, areas of concern can be easily identified. Should additional detail be required, any one of the 1740 original photographs that combine to form the model can be isolated and inspected.

Project Gallery

To allow easy exploration of the highly detailed 3D model, a cloud based version can be accessed via the below button.

Explore the 3D Model

Project Details


Residents of The Playfair at Donaldson’s School


External Aerial Inspection of Building

Key Data
  • GSD 0.4 cm/pixel
  • 1740 images collected
  • Flight Time: 385 minutes
  • Flight Height –  <50 meters
Aerial_Survey_Donaldsons_School_Edinburgh_Matrice 210
Aerial_Survey_Donaldsons_School_Edinburgh_Matrice 210_courtyard

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