Pix4D and Elios 2 Training by UAV 365

UAV 365 can provide Pix4D training on the full software suite, as well as assist with training packages for the latest Flyability Elios 2 internal inspection drone. Uniquely we can also teach you to combine these two platforms to generate 3D models and volumetric data from internal spaces.

Using the latest drone equipment and maintaining top-tier expertise can be a challenge if you or your team are involved in additional, non-UAV related operations. Alternatively, you may be new to photogrammetry software and seeking to boost your knowledge, increase your skills in a specific area of the software, or perhaps receive specialist advice on a specific challenge you are facing.

Read on to find out more about the training services UAV 365 can provide and feel free to make contact if you wish to discuss training options further.

Pix4D Training

UAV 365 use the Pix4D software suite to produce 3D and 2D assets for our clients. We are able to provide one to one courses on the full range of features within the Pix4D software. Courses can be tailored to suit your requirements. If requested a trial drone survey can be carried out to provide fresh data, ready to be imported into Pix4D for the training exercise. Adding a drone survey to the training package can be especially useful for advanced users seeking to troubleshoot a specific issue.

Our training specialist can travel to you and teach you to get the best performance from your own data processing system.

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Training Modules:

Introduction to Photogrammetry

Volumetric Survey Measurements

Orthomosaic Creation

Integrating data with GIS and BIM

Accurate Data Gathering & Calibration

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Elios 2 Training

The Elios 2 internal inspection and survey drone is a key asset in the UAV 365 drone fleet. Unlike entry-level drones, the Elios 2 provides the pilot with a higher degree of control and therefore an increased skill level. UAV 365 offer training on Elios 2 piloting best practise and advanced techniques such as volumetric survey and 3D mapping within confined spaces. As with our Pix4D course, one to one training is available and course can be customised to suit your needs. Courses can include an on-site drone demonstration if requested.

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Training Modules:

Safe use of the Elios 2

Volumetric Survey in Confined Spaces

Piloting the Elios 2 beyond line of sight

3D modelling in Confined Spaces

Using Elios 2 with Pix4D

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