Using unmanned aerial vehicles (drones) within internal environments is a relatively new innovation.

An internal drone can fly to and inspect or survey internal spaces in your facility with zero personnel risk. The resulting data, gathered via thermal or visual sensor, allows inspection to be carried out.

By avoiding costs for scaffolding erection and removing the risk to personnel, internal drones provide a cost effective and time efficient asset management tool.

internal drone for survey and inspection within a confined space

Internal Drone Project Examples

Indoor Volumetric Analysis

Utilising the Elios 2 drone platform, UAV 365 carried out a volumetric survey within a set of salt domes.

These surveys were part of a project which also included data from external volumetric surveys, providing a highly accurate stockpile measurement for road salt supplies to the local authority.

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Culvert Survey & Condition Inspection

To record the condition of an underground culvert, UAV 365 deployed the Elios 2 to the limits of its operational range. The culvert reached 236 metres and was partially flooded at the furthest extent.

A full survey was carried out and a 3D model was created of the structure. This was then tied to surface level topographic information to enable remediation planning.

UAV 365 were also able to establish a leak issue using the high resolution data from the drone, which would have otherwise been missed by conventional lower quality inspection devices.

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