With the festive season upon us, here are some gift suggestions for the cherished drone pilot in your life.

Flying a drone requires thorough preparation and correct equipment, especially during the colder winter months. These gift ideas are all useful pieces of equipment for under £20. We hope you find them useful and we wish you a happy festive season.

SD Card Holder

Data storage is an essential element of UAV (drone) operations. With multiple aircraft, payloads and controllers there is a requirement for multiple memory cards. These tiny cards are perfectly sized for their function, but the quantity required will lead to a rapidly growing collection!

If they were to be misplaced, hours of in flight data could be lost. Eliminating any risk of memory card loss is therefore essential, as the data is often unique. An SD card organiser holds all of your storage devices in one secure place. You can then sort and store your projects without the risk of losing them.

The holders come in a number of configurations to suit several storage device types.

iPad holder

New third-party drone applications are launched regularly. In general these apps work best on the larger display provided by a tablet but attaching these devices to your controller is not always straightforward.

Larger tablets such as the iPad Pro are too large for the standard Inspire 2 and Cendence mobile device holder and therefore require an extender. This attachment solved a number of problems for us and introduced several new apps to speed up our workflow.

Controller Harness

UAV (drone) controllers are becoming more advanced as their functionality improves. Many controllers are also being equipped with larger displays to increase the amount of information that can be relayed to the pilot.

Controller weight can therefore become a factor in operator fatigue, especially over longer flights. Using a controller harness to distribute the weight and relieve your arms of some of the strain can be a huge benefit. Reduced fatigue means increased operator concentration and awareness.

Fingerless Gloves

Drone operations in colder weather raise potential issues for equipment and personnel. A drone operator is often standing for extended periods of time outside, so wearing appropriate clothing is crucial.

The pilots fingers are the key link between the drone and the controller. It is therefore extremely important to ensure that your hands are kept warm without reducing dexterity. Fingerless gloves that expose the thumb, the index and middle finger are ideal for this purpose. These gloves are an essential purchase in our opinion as they allow full control while keeping our hands warm.

Collapsible Cones

Drone operations in proximity to the general public are highly regulated. It is mandatory to make everyone involved aware of what you are doing. Cordoning off a landing/takeoff area is a clear way to restrict access and minimise the risk of accidents.

Landing and takeoff areas do not need to be large spaces, so traffic cones are helpful for demarcation purposes. Full size traffic cones are bulky and heavy and don’t easily fit in most cars – unless your company car is an all electric Tesla Model S (wink).

Collapsible cones are a great solution to this problem as they are small, light and easy to store.

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