Unmanned aerial vehicles, or drones, bring a wide range of opportunities to external environments. 

Whether you need visual data from an area at height, or survey information from a large landscape, drone technology can provide you with a solution.

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Drone technology can benefit a wide range of sectors, reducing costs and improving accuracy.

Civil Engineering

Digital Construction

Civil Engineering

High accuracy drone surveying for pre-construction surveys, progress reporting and project management. We work with you to generate useful, concise data.

Asset Management

High Resolution Asset Management

Asset Management

Drone inspections by UAV 365 generate high quality records for Asset Management. Our data can create detailed as built records and identify asset management issues.

LIDAR Survey

Ideal for forested terrain

See below the canopy

Drone based LIDAR scanning allows a site to be mapped even if the vegetation is dense. By surveying below the trees, we can provide you with the information you need to safely plan operations.

Land Management

A true overview of your estate

Landscape Management

Utilise aerial surveying to track landscape changes and identify maintenance issues at hectare scale.

Drone surveying is perfect for estate management, landscape restoration, conservation & progress monitoring.

Site Monitoring

An eye in the sky over your site

Secure & Accurate

Event monitoring and site security are perfect applications for drone technology.

UAV 365 can deploy assets to give you a persistent eye in the sky over your site.

Property Development

Aerial Imagery & 3D Site Models

Property Development

UAV 365 can prepare inspection grade 3D models of any property. Ideal for development planning, construction monitoring or property marketing.

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