Historic structures require a careful approach.

Visual data gathering by drone will discover any asset management issues that require attention. In addition, an aerial survey or inspection is an accurate way to track changes in structures or landforms.

High quality visual data is essential to plan conservation works and record progress.

Internal or External Inspection

UAV 365 can deploy the latest drone technology to your historic structure, for an internal or external inspection.

Once gathered, the visual data can be used to create a 3D model of your historic site with survey grade detail.

Our advanced inspection drones gather high resolution imagery without the risk of contact with the subject. There are significant other benefits to drone based data gathering, especially when compared to the alternative option – inspection via high access platform. Our drone pilots can reach various locations on a site quickly and safely, without any risk to human operatives or the historic structure. Data can be interpreted during the flight, allowing immediate further investigation. In addition, data gathering is carried out with minimal intrusion on the day to day operations of the site. This means any visitors to your site can still safely gain access, reducing the impact on your daily activities.

Aerial image of an historic structure - Crichton Castle

Using a drone for internal inspection of Historic Structures

With the Elios 2 internal inspection drone, UAV 365 can safely gather visual data from confined spaces and areas that would otherwise require high access equipment.

The Elios 2 features collision resilience and avoidance technology, allowing for close inspection of surfaces, including ceiling surfaces. As an example, the Elios 2 is able to carry out a close up inspection of the internal structure of a roof or ceiling, with minimal disruption.

An additional benefit to drone inspection is the option for asset managers to view the inspection live, as the drone proceeds across the inspection area. Problem areas can be detected and interrogated during the flight, enhancing the quality of the visual data. This improve the quality of the gathered data and reduces the need for repeat visits.

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